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Find out more about changes to the Laser

End Point Assessment (EPA) is one of the most radical changes to apprenticeship delivery in the UK in its history – but the sector is more than used to adapting to change.

We’ve worked closely with a handful of Laser users to update the Laser for EPA, and to also make some additional changes to improve the Laser’s overall look and functionality.

It’s important to us that adapting to EPA as part of an apprenticeship is as easy for our users as possible, and so changes and additions to Laser have been kept to our ethos of being intuitive, simple, and user friendly.

As each apprenticeship and awarding organisation may require something different, we have worked to ensure providers have all the options needed for each individual apprenticeship standard, and as always, our team are here to help if there’s anything else a provider might need.

Even more improvements

As our team have been working to provide the best e-portfolio for EPA and apprenticeship delivery, we have also taken this opportunity to make changes in response to client feedback and to improve overall functionality.

The Laser homepage has been adapted so it is more compatible with hand-held devices. Other changes have been in response to client feedback, for example, you can now view a full history of any file uploaded from 2nd May 2017 onwards.

All the improvements we have made to the Laser have been carefully considered and further prove the Laser is the most accessible, flexible, and user friendly e-portfolio on the market.

If you have any questions about the changes to the Laser, or would like to make an enquiry, please contact us.

About us

We created the Laser back in 2008 because we understood many of our staff couldn’t commit to staying late at work to take part in training. They had children to get home to or other commitments, and wanted some time to relax before having to focus on their training course.

What if they could access the learning at home? What if their assessor could speak to them at any time? What if they could learn any time they wanted, and take control of their own learning experience?

And so the Laser was born.

Laser Systems Home Page

Since then the e-learning and e-portfolio revolution has begun to take over, and our clients couldn’t even consider having to go back to their old paper-based ways.

Today our Laser e-portfolio and digital learning resources are used by training providers, colleges and businesses worldwide.

“Really appreciate the quick response I receive and the positive and helpful attitude from all of the Laser staff. Nothing is too much trouble, thank you so much." - Lynne, British Orchard Nursery

Laser Systems e-portfolio

The Laser has been designed by teaching and learning professionals to deliver the best learning experience for learners, and assessment experience for assessors, IQAs and administrators.

Our e-portfolio has been designed for learners of all ages and abilities, and we’ve given careful consideration to the fact that everyone learns differently and some people have additional needs or require additional support.

It was important to us that the Laser was easy to use for everyone, whether you’re a learner with a lot of computer skills, or an assessor who has never used an e-portfolio before. Our system is logical and easy to navigate, with clear notifications and easy communication between learner and assessor.

“I felt the course was amazing, the Laser portfolio and the way you could access the work was excellent. Often my work was being marked as I was working on it. The reason I have achieved so much so quickly is because I have enjoyed the course so much.” – Cathy Bruin, Learner

Laser Systems Lesson View

Is it cost effective?


Moving to online learning and assessment will save you resources, time and money.

How much does a paper portfolio cost?

A paper portfolio will include the cost of (for each learner):

• Paper
• Storage
• Archiving
• Copying
• Destroying
• Printing
• Administration

How much does the Laser cost?

Minimum initial purchase order of 20 licences

NO set-up fee

NO monthly fees

FREE initial training and ongoing support for your staff

What are the benefits of moving to an e-portfolio?

End paper-based portfolios

No more carrying around paper portfolios or misplacing paperwork. All start-up paperwork and coursework can be stored on the Laser and accessed at any time. Each portfolio can be downloaded for the learner to keep once they have completed their course.

Fewer visits

The theory that online learning and assessment means more visits is false. Blended learning means assessors have more contact time with their learners via the Laser, phone and Skype. Visits are still necessary, and we can’t stop learners from neglecting to attend visits, but it means the learner doesn’t have to fall behind as they still have access to their learning, even if they miss a visit from their assessor. Assessors can talk to learners via the Laser and set work easily and instantly, meaning the cost of assessment is cheaper.


In line with funding provider rules, a learner’s Laser remains accessible for 10 years after they complete their course, meaning you can access all their paperwork, coursework, assessment and IQA information at the click of a button, saving time and human resources when it comes to auditing.


The Laser allows you to track each learner’s progress and collates reports at the click of a button, saving time and human resources.

EQA visits

EQAs don’t need to come to you to conduct a routine audit, as you can supply a secure login to your Laser which gives them access to the learner portfolios they want to audit.

FREE training

Our customer service team will deliver an initial training session for all staff users for free, and are available by phone, email and Skype whenever you need them.

What does the Laser offer your learners and staff?


The Laser gives learners access to their learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can upload work instantly for their assessor to assess, and as their work is deemed as competent they can watch their percentage increase immediately. The messaging system means learners can communicate with their assessor whenever they need to and can see when their message has been read.

The mobile app means learners can see when their assessor has sent them a message instantly.

Our learning resources for a wide range of courses and full qualifications provide even more support for learners, giving them engaging lessons to cover each learning outcome of their course, as well as professionally filmed good practice examples and tutorials.

The Laser is designed to be user-friendly, and so even if a learner doesn’t feel particularly comfortable with computers, they shouldn’t be daunted by the Laser. Those who don’t have strong computer skills at the start will gain confidence and skills by consistently using our e-portfolio and e-learning resources.

Workplace engagement

Workplace managers receive their own secure login to track learner progress, communicate with assessors as necessary and electronically sign-off both progress reviews and satisfaction surveys. This can be done at a time which fits with their schedule and suits them.

This doesn’t replace contact with the assessor or involvement in the learner’s qualification outside the Laser, but is designed to include the manager further allowing them to fully support learners, while also giving them a clear picture of the time and effort a learner is putting into their studies.

Teaching and Assessment

The team behind the creation of the Laser includes professionals who have years of experience as auditors, teachers, assessors and IQAs - some of whom continue to assess to IQA today. Their input into the design and function of the Laser means an assessor’s user experience is both simple and intuitive.

Laser features have been designed to make the assessment and communication process time-efficient and straightforward:

• Access learner documentation online
• Complete progress reviews online and instantly see when learner and manager have signed-off their contribution
• Upload evidence to multiple criteria at the click of a button
• Accept different forms of evidence, from written evidence to audio or video
• Upload workplans and know when the learner has viewed their plan
• View each learner’s percentage complete
• Code learners Red, Amber, or Green (RAG) to see their status at a glance
• Create reports on all learners or groups of learners to track progression, conduct a gap analysis, and ensure learners complete within funded time
• Track all communication using the Laser messaging system and ILP log
• Use our app to keep up-to-date when you’re on the go

“Learner tracking is spot on and I think learners respect that they are tracked regularly in a supportive way. I provide this as a monthly report for the learner’s management.” - Lynne, British Orchard Nursery

Quality Assurance

The Laser creates a sampling plan at the click of a button, and it can be customised to fit your IQA strategy. As an IQA, you can instantly see:

• The learner’s evidence
• Assessor feedback
• Workplans set
• All paperwork
• ILP log
• Communication between learner and assessor

Simply add your review of the assessor’s judgement os evidence, and the Laser will also create a history of reviews so you know which evidence has already been sampled. Once your review is added, a comment will instantly appear for the assessor to read. The assessor can respond, and all actions are recorded for a clear audit trail.


The Laser provides a visible, clear audit trail from start to finish. A learner’s e-portfolio securely holds all their paperwork from sign-up, initial assessment and coursework, to satisfaction surveys and certification.

An EQA can be given a secure login to access a learner’s e-portfolio remotely and view their entire portfolio, all evidence, progress reviews, IQA feedback, communication between assessor and learner, as well as further documentation such as health and safety documents for the learner’s workplace.

Please call us or email to have a free no obligation personal demonstration of the Laser e-portfolio.

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telephone: 01753 584 112