Laser Systems offer a comprehensive and intuitive e-portfolio to cover all subject areas with all awarding organisations. It’s the most effective and efficient way of creating an evidence-based portfolio online. It’s able to store evidence of learning in many formats, creating interest and flexibility for learners, and it captures the assessor’s comments and feedback against each piece of uploaded evidence. It allows you to work anytime and anywhere, creating a better work/life balance for everyone. Our e-portfolio is an enabling environment for learners because it lets them take control of their learning and become independent thinkers.

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Each organisation’s management and quality teams have unlimited access to any portfolio within their security level, enabling them to dip in and perform quick checks, or scrutinise and support at a more comprehensive level. The fact that a portfolio is always available at just the click of a button, negating the need to call to deliver the portfolio to an office, means that assessors and tutors can be supported and guided as the need requires rather than making time-consuming appointments that often involve costly travel, delays and frustrations.

For some qualifications, there are ready prepared, regularly updated lessons, all of which are high quality and embedded unit by unit. For some courses where the learning outcome warrants it the lessons are written by learning outcome, giving an even greater level of depth and underpinning knowledge. Ofsted called this area of the Laser “engaging and motivating”.

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The highly visual approach to what has been achieved is motivating and supportive. Ofsted inspectors said that the Laser, “...enables learners to identify easily their individual progress and what elements of the qualification they still need to do.”

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Learners can see their progress in a variety of ways. Progress through a qualification is displayed numerically as a percentage and visually with a progress bar. The percentage of each unit is then broken right down to percentage achieved for each learning outcome. The completed criteria change colour as an even clearer sign of progression, which is highly motivating. It also makes a “gap analysis” a very simple process.

The Laser e-portfolio incorporates the entire learning journey, keeps records of all contact, allows for the sending and receiving of emails and includes a highly beneficial forum. The course surveys inform and direct the training provider as to the experience the learner is having on their chosen course.

The setting/work placement access allows for quality employer engagement. Making the Laser e-portfolio a fully functional, highly effective method of gaining and passing on information.

For those who like to work or learn on the move, we have Laser mobile apps beautifully crafted to be clear and easy to use. Mobile devices give even greater access and flexibility to our clients. The Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

And there’s more! Please call us or email to have a free no obligation personal demonstration of the Laser e-portfolio.

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