If you are using a Laser E-Portfolio then you may be interested to know that we can provide comprehensive, high quality teaching resources that your learners can access from inside the Laser, for an increasing number of subjects. These can also be made available without the e portfolio, as stand alone lessons.

Learning can happen anywhere!

There is typically a lesson for each learning outcome of a qualification. Learners can access these in their own time and receive good teaching in the fundamentals of their course without taking up any teacher time or classroom space. Teachers can then follow up with each learner individually, making sure all the content was understood and explaining any areas the learner may have found difficult. This is a very effective and efficient way of teaching and can be very cost efficient.

All lessons include videos of teachers delivering teaching sessions, good practice example videos, some reading, PowerPoint presentations, interactive exercises and quizzes so they can test their own understanding of the subject, and case studies/projects. Learners receive teaching material in these diverse methods to bring variety into the learning experience. This also helps with information retention.

All the lessons are written by industry specialists.

The Laser education team is responsible for ensuring the material is up to date at all times. So if there is a change in legislation or industry practice, you don’t have to worry about updating your resources, with the Laser lessons this will happen automatically. A text book can go out of date very quickly, with The Laser and you can be confident that you are delivering current material all the time.

Working Together

As well as lessons embedded in full qualifications Laser Systems also offer Short Courses which can be offered as CPD.