We call Laser Systems for business Nurture systems. It's all about nurturing your most valuable asset: your staff!

Your staff are your most important asset!

A Laser Nurture system can provide an effective tool for any, or all of the following:

Staff Inductions

After interview and job offer but before turning up on day one your new appointments will have access to a number of videos and documents ensuring that all have the same induction experience. Videos can feature your company’s leadership team or professional presenters. Subjects can include general company ethos, Policies and Procedures, Health & Safety, Introduction to the team, on going training requirements, details of probationary the period and appraisal and any subject specific to your business. You can track usage and know if the full induction has been completed, and this can be proof to any inspection bodies that a thorough induction has been carried out. Multiple choice tests can be added so you can be sure the knowledge has been understood.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Monitoring

A Laser Nurture system can track and monitor CPD for all of your staff, reporting on who has completed which courses and alerting you when training needs to be updated.

Continuous Professional Development – Delivery

We can develop training videos and documents tailor made for your organisation. Your staff will be able to access when convenient for them and take multiple choice tests so you, and they, can ensure that their knowledge is up to date. These training sessions can be made specific to your organisation. The joy of online learning is that it can be completed when it suits the individual, and it is trackable. The Laser reporting is efficient and accurate.


Your Nurture system can be an in house communication system for all your staff and even your customers and clients.

Communication is key!

Policies and Procedures

All your important documents can be accessible to all staff easily and immediately on your Laser Nurture. If you update a policy then an alert can be sent to staff asking them to read the amended document and confirm that they have done so.


Make sure all your staff and possibly customers know about upcoming important dates.

Anything else…

If you have any other business critical needs we can discuss adding this to your Laser Nurture. We would love to talk to you about your needs.